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Happy 2019!

What a wonderful day to wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year, full of Good Health and Love!

As we look back at 2018, it is obvious that we all learnt plenty of lessons, for some were lessons from not so pleasant experiences but some were also from wonderful experiences!

Looking back at Nina's highlights, she went on to re-create one of her largest glass artworks, "Deep Sea Coral Reef & Dolphins".

And let's take a look at the wonderful Christmas highlights from the SGB White Christmas Party where Nina had her first live presentation via FB live. Special thanks to the gorgeous and inspiring Debbie Small, founder of the Empowerment Point...

... as well as the beautiful closing ceremony of SGB, presented by Klass Events organiser, Josie Kearsey, and her beautiful words about Nina Koleva (see 09'25''; video credit to CBN Global Agency).

Looking ahead in 2019, we will be organising a banch of surprise activities so that all Art lovers can become more active in and empowered by learning and creating art of their own! What is more, there will be exhibitions... maybe internationally?! (sshhh!)

Last but not least, (for Aussies!!) the online shop will soon be open so you will be able to order your favorite items - large and small abstract Art on Glass and deco items - made by Nina. So, if you have already been following all the creations, you can already send us your order via the Contact page and we will get back in contact with you for the details. If you are only freshly exposed to Nina's Art Gallery, then what are you waiting for? New year - new you! Go ahead and find your favorite artwork and let us know!

Happy New Year and Cheers to all!

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