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Discover Nina's journey through the photographs below...


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White Christmas 2018

Secret Girls Business Club Event "Successful Women Made Here"

White Christmas 2017

Masquerade Party

New Inspirations

 "Elegant and Extravagant Handmade Accessories" Art Workshop

Positive Voices - Year End Celebration

Secret Girls Business Club Event


High Tea"

"Creativity on Glass" - Workshop II

"Dot Painting" at Positive Voices, Creative Writing and Arts Group

"Wake up your walls 8" - "Hawaiian exhibition" at Art Rental, Towers Gallery

SWAN Festival

"Art Cafe - Internet Cafe - Art Gallery"
The only place entirely designed by Nina Koleva

Modern Abstraction On Glass - The Collection

Celebrating Art, Mystery & Love on Valentine's Day

White Christmas

"Creativity on Glass" - Workshop III

"Creativity on Glass" - Workshop I

"Wake up your walls" - "Oscar Party" at Art Rental, Towers Gallery

"Wake up your walls 9" at Art Rental, Towers Gallery


Body Art

"Deep Sea Coral Reef and Dolphins" - The Process of "Modern Abstraction on Glass"

Exhibition in Harderwijk, The Netherlands, with theme "Life is love, and love is...magic"


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