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"Deep-Sea Coral Reef & Dolphins"

"Ocean is a mighty harmonist"

- William Wordsworth

The story of "Deep-sea coral reef & dolphins" begins in the late summer of 2012 on the island of Samos, in Greece. The original artwork was presented to a client who merely wanted to decorate their bathroom. The bathroom had a gap which, eventually, from a window space turned into a luxurious space touched by this artwork. As Wordsworth said, the "ocean is a harmonist" and dolphins are like the angels of the sea. A bathroom is more than just a private space in one's home - it is a space where the person can calm and clear their mind. It is a space where time can stop and harmony can be found for mental stability. With light blue colours, "Deep-sea coral reef & dolphins" creates a relaxing interior while it enhances a home with a pinch of luxury. Imagine being at the ocean every time the water of your shower smoothly runs... and steel all your guests' attention! When the glass was completed in 2012, it was carefully placed in a separate glass frame to preserve it from humid air. This method does not only protect the artwork; it also creates additional visual effects!

6 years later, Nina decides to duplicate "Deep-sea coral reef & dolphins". This makes it the very first piece of glass art among her paintings to be duplicated! For all admirers of the sea and dolphin lovers, the painting is presented in the picture below. Whereas for those who want to get a close glimpse of the glass, this can be found in the new art studio of Nina in Melbourne, Australia. For interest in purchasing "Deep-sea coral reef & dolphins" and transportation methods domestically or overseas, you can use our contact form and we will shortly get back to you.

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