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New Year's Wishes

It is once more time to welcome a new year - 2021!

With Christmas just behind us, many people were lucky to celebrate with their families, others enjoyed the festive days in a different cultural way, and probably many are still fighting the unprecedented virus.

The virus changed 2020 for good, let alone our lives and how we interact with other people, even our loved ones. It also changed businesses and even the Arts & Culture industry. 2020 can likely be the year when we digitalized a lot of things in the fastest pace ever. For many people, it has also been a very tough year, particularly on a mental level.

But as we look ahead, 2021 seems to be a more promising year... Things might not become perfect but there is light and hope at the end of the tunnel.

Let's look ahead, let's believe in hope and in goodness.

Remember that you have people around you who trully love you and an exchange of smiiles can be a very powerful gift and medicine to the soul.

May we all have a blessed 2021!

Stay healthy, stay safe!


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