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Luxembourg Art Prize 2017 Finalists

It has been one full month since Nina submitted her application at the Luxembourg Art Prize competition. As the final days to announce the artists who will make it to the final round of this large international event, we were very excited to see the announcements. Hopefully, Nina's name would be on the list...

30 / 06 / 2017:

The day arrived and at 18:00 in the afternoon the results were published. 12 participants out of the 276 submissions were selected. Unfortunately, Nina did not make it through to the finale of the Luxembourg Art Prize 2017. Nevertheless, Art comes in a massive variety of forms and all are unique and spectacular. Nina and her team would like to CONGRATULATE the finalists (see image below) who will be invited to exhibit their masterpieces in Galerie Hervé Lancelin in September 2017.

Nina's submission:

The Bulgarian artist of Modern Abstraction on Glass participated with two glass panel masterpieces. These narrate a story of unconditional love. Below are their descriptions:

"Passion Love I"

The story of “Passion Love”, the Divine Love – the Desire that ‘kills’ me..

“My mind was racing, my pulse was quickening and the voice, ohh.. that ‘voice’ which whispered in my head: “I love You! I will never hurt you! Trust me! Let me love you!…You are so beautiful!!!…”

I GRAB my BRUSH! All I see in my dreams, I want to paint. I want to paint the “LOVE”!

“..and she offered her body as a GIFT – head held high, breast out, hands – running along its curves..a line of soft, light kiss..”

(slowly things began to come to the focus)

“She wondered where she was.. the stars were covering her body! It is the moment that resets our perspective- the 'refreshness' – two bodies in love- the one completed the other!”

"Passion Love II"

The ultimate goal of my Art is to present Love in the forms that I see and feel it.

“Passion Love II” is a special one because it shows love from a feminist perspective.

Every passing day it becomes more necessary to empower women.

Empowerment is likely linked to leadership and the encouragement to reach a state of bliss after difficult times, such as fighting depression or building a stable life after abuse. In my opinion, empowerment also starts from home, from the partner that we share our lives with. Therefore, a woman can be empowered by fueling her love-making needs which is scientifically proven as one of the best natural medicines.

This painting presents a woman who is a girlfriend, a wife or a lover. The captured moment is not merely a moment of intimacy between her and her partner. It is the moment when her man sees her as a Queen and he is preparing to make her feel like one. It is the moment she is embraced as the beautiful and powerful creature that she is before fire of love bursts between the two souls.

In this painting the woman is positioned higher than (or on top of) the man. Wanting to indicate feminism and the art of love, this painting depicts how the woman is viewed as a Queen. It is an act of thankfulness from the male kind to the female for being such a complex, yet powerful and tender creature…

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