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"In the last edition of “Wake up your walls!” this year, Art Rental invites you to an Oscar party. And like any other ceremony, we will be handing out prizes for everyone. Art Rental has prepared special certificates for its artists which have taken part of the collective exhibitions in 2013. Details for the event are still kept in secret by Wonderland Events but soon all will be revealed. One thing is for sure-the stars will be you and will shine with your own light!

For now we will announce that the honorary guest for the opening will be H.E. Мr. Shaul Kamisa Raz, the Ambassador of Israel for Bulgaria and Macedonia. He will present the guest for the 12th edition of “Wake up your walls”-one of the most famous artists in Israel-Ilan Adar. The artist is not afraid to accept famous people as ordinary human beings. The most talked about exhibition of Ilan is called “Stained”. It is dedicated to the famous people with huge cultural influence on the younger generations.Instead of being fascinated by their perfect looks, as magazines and TV would present them to us, the artist reveals and underlines their imperfections. Adar wants to show to those who wish to be as good looking as their idols that famous people from magazines and movie screens are real people with their own fates and problems and far from perfect.On 11th of December Adar itself will present also other works of art which have touched thousands around the world. How? You will see.

The musical surprise for the evening are Michail Yosifov (guitar) and Andronia Popova (vocals and accordion)-together they are the band Old Folks. They choose this name to pay respect to their favorite artists and composers such as Ella Fitzgerald, Joe Pass, Billie Holiday, Cole Porter, George Gershwin...Andronia and Michail will bring us back to the golden days of jazz with interpretations of some of the most inspiring jazz standards. They've been playing together for over 12 years in some of the most successful bulgarian bands-Nasecomix and Sentimental Swingers. The artists have performed almost everywhere in Europe and as part of the soundtrack of the famous movie “Eastern Plays” by Kamen Kalev (for which they have contributed greatly), they have performed on the stages of world famous movie festivals. The time and place of the event are well known.

The event will also offer the incredible variety of wines by Todoroff Wine Cellar!

We are expecting you!"


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