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Q & A's with Nina Koleva



Always ready to create beauty with love, springing out of her heart!

Always ready to transform a regular piece of glass into a great piece of art, like the ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan!

Ready for everything to “lift” her work, despite the difficulties.

Nina – DIVA – always surrounded by works of art, always surrounded by people of art.

I want to believe that all the beauty which shines out from me, is recreated in my work.

I believe that through my art, I will stretch people’s imagination toward the beauty I have created. And like this I will be able to “share” this so “unique gift” with each one of you – my glasses, my creations – fine, sparkling with all the rainbow colors!

My glass panels, sparkling in the shades of green and blue – the symbols of the forest, ocean and sky; transparent beauty, with the touch of golden rays! Colors and movement, radiating sensuality, holding the attracting power of the invitation whispered between people in love…

My glasses have every shape and size.

The natural and unnatural light make the glasses “come to life”, casting different color reflections in the entire room.

Colors and vectors bring me happiness…

Everything which has come in my life has come because I have called it!!!

My thoughts attract the power!!!

My life is what I see through my fantasy; it is all which happens in my imagination and all this is reflected on my paintings!

Whatever I “see” in my imagination, is what I “hold” in my hands!



…with a pencil and water-colors on drawing paper... with chalk on the asphalt and every wall on every building, entrance and stairs… I was just drawing everywhere – on my bag; on my hands and legs, even on my shoes… on mom’s tights, on grandma’s apron… notebooks, books, friends… even when I didn’t have colors… I drew with flowers… with leaves…

My first competition was one for “young” artists, drawing on asphalt with theme “Flag for peace” / “We fight for peace” / 1979. I was only 7 years old and the competition was in the city of Haskovo.

“A nice afternoon of May, happy children’s voices filled the square in front of hotel “Aida” with joyful activities… As soon as they sang a song for peace, the young artists bent over grid squares in a colorful spring garden with beautiful mosaics of colors and smiles. In the children’s hands the colorful chalk acquired an unusual power, which infected the outnumbered audience with the mood. On the asphalt bright suns rose, pigeons spread their wings, kids’ faces lit up, astronauts flew with rockets… Nina Koleva ’s paintings from the kindergarten were incredible…” - T. Bojinova, inspector of the departments ONS

Many years followed with dedication in the field of art.

I graduated from the Language Gymnasium with expertise in German language and English as secondary language.

I first worked as stage designer, in 1995, for the first private theater “Danny & Dessi”, on their performances “Short Quack Story”, “Miracles happen” and “The three snowmen”.

Since 1997, I have been living on the island Samos in Greece, which has appeared to be a truly inspirational place for me. In 2002, I launched my own business “Art Café – Internet Café – Art Gallery”; the most luxurious bar on the central beach of Kokkari, offering comfort and high standard.

Interior Design by N. Koleva

In this place, you could participate in the process of my art creations; enjoy art and its original elements.

21.12.2008 – 25.01.2009 – my exhibition in Hardewijk, the Netherlands, followed up in the gallery “Meneer de Vries” with theme “Life is love and love is magic…”

From 08.03.2009 I continued again in “Art Café – Internet Café – Art Gallery” in Kokkari, Samos, with theme “If your goal is the sky, reach for the stars”.


…ideas are born every moment in my imagination. I just cannot stop creating… It may sound very strange but while I am sleeping, my mind works on the “painting”. I see everything as if in a movie; I change the colors, the movement and the shapes; by the time I am “awake”, the “painting” is completed – “created”.

I simply grab the pencil and my hand follows my imagination… I feel like a volcano which continuously erupts and cannot rest… my imagination flows and cannot stop even for a split second. Sometimes I feel like I am going to explode… And I like it!

My inspiration comes from the love that I receive! The more the love, the more the Art…


Because there is no better happiness than that of spreading “beauty”!!!

“Escape your darkness… Open your eyes! The world is a mirror…

Your own reflections are everywhere. Be amused! Be yourself! Discover yourself! Look deep into your eyes, there where the magic of today is hidden… Smile at the reflections… Grab the lucky star and place it on your hair… Place the sun behind your ears, make curls out of comets, capture the castellation at dawn, cast the glow of galaxies and begin your day… open your eyes!!!”

“Open your eyes” I tell to myself each day and I do not forget that with my fantasy, heart and hands, I spread beauty, positive mood and create “Art”. For who? For what? For YOU!!!


It gives me good mood, it stimulates my life; my hopes…it pushes me forward… Business… Competition… a race for life… All this pushes me to learn “new” techniques. There is nothing impossible… I create “BEAUTY”!!!

I love my job; I am in love with it!

I just don’t forget that LOVE is what keeps me going!!!

But the biggest award for me is the SMILE of the “client”. There is no bigger certificate, diploma or advertisement other than this: the SMILE, SMILE, SMILE – that is the biggest award!!! My biggest happiness! There is no bigger happiness than that of spreading BEAUTY!!!

My studio is the “world” or the “stage” of life.

What does Art offer me?

The BEAUTY; I live in “the world of beauty”!

I unfold an action and materialize it.

Nina’s world – the world of BEAUTY!

Nina’s world – the world of LOVE!!!


Strong, sincere and noble as it passes through any test to prove itself = it always wins and it always manages to find its way to unite two aching hearts as one!

Nina’s world – the world of WISHES!!!

The place where we can find the deepest, most hidden and most desired wishes! Wishes that turn into reality are wishes that you can reach, touch and enjoy!

When a person believes in their wishes and fights for them, he/she can also hold them in their hands!

But nothing comes for free! Everyone pays for the realization of their wish regardless of the price – material or spiritual!

Art is a miracle!

Art is magic!

To live – that is Art.

The ambition of every person to live well and in harmony is what makes it such. What happens with me is connected to Art and, similarly, Art is connected to my life.


Very interesting question. I shall give you a positive answer: My time is not fixed. I don’t have a regime. I don’t live by a schedule. But only this kind of life puts my ideas in order. This is very important to me because I chose exactly for this! I know exactly what I want to do and how I want to do it; how to accomplish it. As a matter of fact, this kind of life exhausts me a lot but, simultaneously, it charges me with emotions!!! That is, it takes energy, but it charges me with emotions which, in their turn, charge me with strength…it is delightful!!!

Honestly: I fancy salty more than sweet!


The psychology of creating Art plays a significant role in Art. Inspiration is a mysterious force that powerfully affects the soul of men, causing them to create artworks that even surpass the understanding of the artist. One specific side of Art is the aesthetic relation of a person with the world and his/her artistic assimilation.

Music holds the first place for me. I cannot live without music and I always create my artworks with music in the background. I am further inspired by fairy tales and children’s smiles!!!

Fairy tales = magical nights = magical paintings…

I am enchanted.

Children inspire me every day, every minute!

Their smiles make me laugh, their eyes makes me see the world in a different way…

I am inspired by beauty!!!

I believe that the future belongs to those who believe in the “beauty” of their wishes!

No great endeavor is accomplished without inspiration!

Therefore, be yourself!

Trust the magic!

Follow your heart!

Wish for more and amuse yourself!!!

Believe – There is always sun after the rain!


Let’s say a pleasant atmosphere in the office /working space/, at home, in the nature, even a small beautiful place…

Music always charges me positively!

Taste! Gracefulness!

…but most of all LOVE!!!

“Love brings life, wisdom brings light, truth – freedom” – P. Danov

“Look at the light and admire its beauty. Close your eyes and look. That, which you saw, is now gone and that, which you will see, has not yet appeared.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Perhaps it is only possible to unleash your imagination with art and see what you always wanted. This is that imaginary world where everything is possible.


I have always felt different than all the rest!!! UNIQUE!!!

Every person is different and every one of us has their own personality!

I believe in myself!

Let me share a truth:

“If you succeed, you will get fake friends and true enemies”!

My motto: "Strive to succeed regardless of what happens, regardless of what it costs you because you rise as a result of what you have transformed"!

The process of growth of a personality always requires a certain price. It needs a genuine desire and sustainable will. Only then will we have a purpose.

The thought brings strong creative charge!

The thought brings energy in motion.

Thought overcomes any spaces.

Human thought is Perfection!

Beauty + Harmony = Perfection in art.

The art of being a woman!

Perfection being a woman!


Confident in yourself!

Sincere! Successful! Feminine! Talented!


This is ME


The internet of course!

We live in a world of technology, so we can be informed any time about developments in art - pictures, sessions, designers, artists, actors, books. Everything that is interesting and unusual. We can see current collections to visit on-line exhibitions. We can even meet a lot of new "artists" dealing with contemporary forms of art!

What kind of person am I? .... Reserved and modest, but at the same time I would say - very passionate and capable of strong feelings. The most important and powerful feature is my purpose.

I set goals ... many, some of which are more difficult targets to meet and achieve!

By nature I'm honest; I think a reasonably and I trust my friends.

I bet on reason but follow my feelings no matter what. I adjust my position according to my image. I've always kind and polite. I always pay attention to my appearance and do sports.

In my work I am the PERFECT workaholic!

I am very strict and never deviate from assigned tasks. I have relentless discipline. I always finish everything within the given time. I love clear tasks.

I'm a leader!

I educate my children honesty and morality; and provide them with security and peace!

Capricorn is my sign!

I can define and emphasize: "The woman Capricorn - Magic"!

…with stubborn character; brave by nature; with a developed spirit!

I know that Capricorn is the most stable among all signs of the zodiac, both physically and spiritually.

I am ambitious and I'm a big pragmatist!

I know how to work. I love to work. Namely my desire to elevate and provide is actually the spring that pushes me forward. Step by step, meter by meter, I build my way. Slowly but surely I overcome all obstacles that stand in my way. This is how I reach the top, which I have set. Difficulties are overcome with my incredible persistence and ability to be patient. Nothing can stop me; nothing can discourage me when it comes to reaching my goal because the goal is sacred to me!!!

I always give meaning to my life. I always look what I can do in my life with passion. Once I discover what I can create or specific points that must be reached on the rise, I only live to accomplish that "GOAL!"

At my work I always organize tasks, systematizing them so that everything can be settled and clarified which allows me to reach my target under the best conditions. I have always been respected and have always won universal trust. I think I have the qualities: diligence, punctuality and perseverance! In my work I like stability, responsibility and honesty. I do not accept and understand actions without a purpose. I am impulsive, sensational and modern!

Often I am thought to be arrogant but, on the contrary, all I want is to meet sympathy. A lot of activities attract me but developing creative plans mainly pulls my interest. But this is just why I am an ARTIST, a designer, an illustrator!

The financial soundness of my position is a function of zeal at my work. I have achieved stable social status. I feel like the lord of all my actions.

I attach meaning to quality! I have a job. I trust on being independent. The flexibility of my mind is my strong point!

I seduce men and I am like an enigma for them.

My time is my "ally."

I think I said enough for me, I leave the rest to you...


To love yourself!

Know what you want from other people and what you seek in your life!

Communicate with other people and be aware of your primary goal in life!!!

To have the desire and incentive for action because "desire" is the relationship of the mind with feelings!

To use your mind because "the mind" is the force that guides human life.

But is only desire sufficient?

Will is also necessary!

Will is the power of creativity!

Style and beauty

Art and Class in the interior

Confidence and Pleasure

Enjoy elegance:


An oasis of elegance,


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