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Who is Nina?

Always ready to create beauty with love welling from her heart. Always ready to transform a regular piece of glass into superb work of Art, like the ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan; ready to do anything to exalt her Art. Nina – DIVA – always surrounded by Art works, always surrounded by Artists.

I want to believe that all the beauty I emit is reflected in my work. I believe that through my Art I will broaden people's imagination towards beauty that I have created. And so I will be able to share this so special charisma – my Art glasses, my creations, fine and sparkling with every colour of the rainbow – with each one of you.

My glass panels shine in shadows of green and blue, the symbols of the forest, the ocean and the sky; they are beautiful transparent Art works touched by golden rays. Colours and movement transmit sensuality and possess the attractiveness of a whispered, between two lovers, invitation.

My glass Art works have different shapes and sizes. Natural and artificial lighting make every piece of glass come alive by reflecting different colour-beams in the entire hall. Colours and vectors are what make me happy.

Everything that “came” in my life is because I “called” it! My thoughts hold the power! My life is how I envision it to be and everything that happens in my imagination is reflected on my glass Art works! What I “see” in my imagination is what I “hold” in my hands!


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