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"Celebrating Love, Mystery & Art for the Valentine’s Day"

Our Next Event:"Celebrating Love, Mystery & Art for the Valentine’s Day"

There's nothing more romantic than receiving a handmade love Art Glass

mAKE yOUR sPECIAL ART Valentine'S Wine Glass in OuR FISRT ArT GlaSs WoRkShOp on 07.02.2015 Saturday at 11:00am - 02:30pm

So come and be inspired, unleash your creativity, get your fingers moving, and be immersed in the present moment!

After all, that's what craft should be all about!

Lock in your next craft session and take time out for yourself, or bring a friend for a unique day out!

Here is some more information for you ladies:Please book to reserve your seat. Call Nina on: 0424 853 132*TODAY'S SPECIAL OFFER*COST: $40If you bring a friend, you can save $20 on the cost of your ticket!(Friend pays $40. You pay $20)

Bring 2 friends and you can come for FREE!(Guests pay $40 and you pay $0. Or share the cost)

Includes: All materials and champagne lunch!

Date: Feb 7, 2015 11:00-14:30

Address: 17 Perry Court, Roxburgh Park, Victoria


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