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"Living abroad is a dream, challenge, agony, longing, something unattainable…it is all different for us. Some of us long for the departure and imagine a peaceful and settled life. Others see it as axile because they need to take care of their families, while being far from them.That is why we, the team of Art Rental BG, decided to collect some brilliant artists that live outside the country. Through their works you will feel what it is to live abroad, what the foreign country brings to them and what makes them continue to yearn for Bulgaria and most importantly – what drives their internal worlds.

During the ninth exhibition of “Wake Up Your Walls” you will have the opportunity to see paintings by Sonia Ruskoff, Boryana Georgieva – Gold, Georgi Yanchev – Grafa, Nina Koleva, Ralitsa Burova, Simeon Krastev, Vesselin Vakrilov and sculptures by Nikola Kolev.

“Wake Up Your Walls!” 9 will be officially opened on 18th September in the art space “Towers Gallery” in Sopharma Business Towers. The details of the party are still to be revealed – the event will be organized by the incredible team of Wonderland Events, as always."


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